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Grand Duke is not just the most prestigious online casino there is but also a fast developing and constantly changing operation which strives not only to become the best online casino, but also wishes to award its players with the best bonuses, promotions and offers. The need to keep the players up to date with all these rapid changes has lead to the forming of  Grand Duke News which consist of everything that is new about Grand Duke Casino.

Players can have their share of Grand Duke News in one of two ways. Either they catch up the latest Grand Duke News at Grand Duke Casino Online news page, or they subscribe for a weekly newsletter sent by mail which contains everything that is listed in the online version of Grand Duke News. It is essential to stay in focus with everything that is new in Grand Duke Casino, not to miss a single announcement or new promotion issuing.

Though Grand Duke News are intended and aimed for the eyes of Grand Duke players, they are in fact open to the public. Potential players can get to know all the wonderful things about Grand Duke Casino Online and everything it has to offer for new players. Instead of reading a Grand Duke Casino Review, players can simply glance at the news and learn they need and want to know about Grand Duke.

Grand Duke News will make the difference between a player who will have all the possibilities of Grand Duke Promotions and the occasional bonus and a player who will only play and play without even knowing about what Grand Duke has to offer.

If you want to subscribe to Grand Duke News or if you require the help of our customer service or technical support teams, contact us and we will do our very best to assist you as fast as we can.